Insane Cyclist Running 207-mph Bicycle Humiliates Ferrari At Dragstrip

Would you believe that a bike can beat a gorgeous Ferrari? Sounds crazy right? But it can, Francois Gissy from Switzerland set a record of 3.1gs of inline acceleration on his way to a top speed of 207 mph leaving a Ferrari 430 Scuderia sitting still at the dragstrip. You might be wondering how can that possibly happen? Well, incidentally that bicycle was equipped with a rocket engine supplying 4.2 kN (944 pounds) of thrust called the “Rocket Bike.”

The rocket-propelled bicycle was designed by Gissy’s friend Arnold Neracher.

The face-off against the Ferrari appeared to be just for fun but still the most comprehensive ass-kicking race ever!

Gissy runs at 260km/h leaving the Ferrari 430 behind.

Last November 7, 2014, on the famous Circuit Paul Ricard located at Le Castellet in South of France, François Gissy has reached an incredible speed of 333 km/h using the rocket-bike.

Gissy hit that 207-mph mark in just 4.8 seconds, at the 300-meter mark of the run. His quarter-mile time was a scant 6.8 seconds. (Note: the actual record run was solo.)

Who would think that one day a daredevil on a bicycle, with a rocket under the saddle, could travel the quarter mile in less than 7 seconds? Watch the crazy video below!

Data of the fastest run set on 7 November 2014: Peak speed: 333 km/h (207 mph) attained after around 250 meters

Running more than 300 km/h on a skinny and completely stripped bicycle is amazing and completely insane! But Gissy’s insanity isn’t done yet because in 2015 he plans to outdo with a new “monster bicycle” dubbed the Spine Crusher. Guess I’ll be watching it again!